$25 General Admission Gala Ticket
2 Strand Necklace - Brown
All Chain Necklace
Amber Dissarray
Asymmetrical Green Bead Necklace
Autumn Cluster Necklace
Autumn Cluster Necklace
BB Earrings
Billows of Smoke Earrings
Bittersweet Earrings
Black Cocktail Bracelet
Black Dissarray Necklace
Black Moon Earrings
Blue Bead Cluster Earring
Blue Bead Necklace
Blue Beat Earrings
Blue Bohemian Earrings
Blue Moon Earrings
Blue Pearl Trestle Earrings
Bohemian Necklace
Brass Donut Drop Earrings
Broken Chains-Earrings
Brown Braided Bracelet
Brown Cuff Bracelet
Brown Leather Wrap Bracelet
Bruin Bracelet
Burned Bow Bracelet
Burned Bow Collection
Burned Bow Necklace
Calypso Cluster Earrings
Calypso Necklace
Carmen Miranda Necklace
Carmen's Leaves Earrings
Carribbean Necklace
Chain Reaction Earrings
Champagne Wire Wrapped Earrings
Checker Necklace
Cherry On Top
Child Ring of Fire - Classic
Child Ring of Fire - Flower
Chocolate Brown Gear Wire Earrings
Christmas Ornaments
Cleopatra Earrings
Cluster Mist Earrings
Cocktail Bracelet
Copper Coalition Earrings
Copper Concoction - Fuschia Earrings
Copper Concoction Earrings
Copper Sky Green Necklace
Copper Star Ornament
Coral Wire Wrapped Earrings
Cosmopolitan Necklace
Cosmopolitan Necklace - Black
Crown of Jewels Purple Earrings
Crystal Ornament
Cupcake Birthday Greeting Card
Day of the Dead Cluster Earrings
Day of the Dead Earrings
Deck the Halls Holiday Card
Deena Earrings
Dreams Earrings
Fall Line
Faux Blue Sea Glass Necklace
Faux Sea Glass Necklace
Filigree Necklace
Gala Tickets
Gear Wire Earrings - Black
Gear Wire Earrings - Pink
Geometric Drop Earrings
Gift Wrap
Gift Wrap Package
Gladiator Earrings
Glamour Girl Earrings
Glamour Girl Necklace
Glass Bead Bracelet - Green
Glass Bead Bracelet-Black
Glass Bead Bracelet-Purple
Green bead Necklace
Green Lady Drops
Green Stem Grape Earrings
Gwenivere Cluster Earrings
Gwenivere Princess Necklace
Gwenivere Queen Necklace
Happy Birthday Bike Greeting Card
Happy Birthday Blessings Greeting Card
Holiday Bells Greeting Card
Holiday Cards
Holiday Wreath Greeting Card
Hostess with the Mostess Greeting Card
iSanctuary Necklace
iSanctuary Sawdust Signature Necklace
Jackie Necklace
Jolly Green Earrings
Just In...
Just July Earrings
Key to My Heart Necklace
La Primavera Gold Necklace
La Primavera Silver Necklace
Lavender Braided Bracelet
Lavender Vintage Earrings
Lavender Wire Wrapped Earrings
Leaf Feather Cluster Earrings
Lemon Drops
Liberty Feather Necklace
Liberty Necklace
Licorice Martini Earrings
Light Leaves Necklace
Light Pink Braided Bracelet
Lock Necklace
Long Silver Asymmetrical Necklace
Matched Much Earrings
Mauve Madness Bracelet
Max Maddness Earrings
Midnight Braided Bracelet
Midnight Cluster Earrings
Midnight Dangles Earrings
Midnight Necklace
Mint Green Braided Bracelet
Monogrammed Initial Note Cards
Monthly Partnerships
Moonshine Earrings
Nude Leather Wrap Bracelet
Off the Vine Earrings
Pale Plum Necklace
Peach Bohemian Earrings
Peacock Bracelet
Peacock Necklace - Brass Chain
Peacock Necklace -Silver Chain
Peacock Tail Earrings
Peas Please Necklace
Pink bead Cluster Earrings
Plum Pearl Earrings
Plum Pearl Trestles Earrings
Princess & the Pea Necklace
Purple Cuff Bracelet
Raindrops off the Eiffel Earrings
Red At Last Earrings
Red At Last Necklace
Reindeer Antlers Holiday Card
Ring of Brass Bracelet
Ring of Fire - USC Colors
Ring of Fire Bracelet
Ring of Fire Necklace
Ring of Gold Bracelet
Ring of Silver Bracelet
Ring of Smoke Bracelet
Sea Foam Shell Bracelet
Sea Foam Shell Necklace
SeaFoam Braided Bracelet
SeaFoam Cuff Bracelet
SeaFoam Necklace
SeaFoam Wire Wrapped Earrings
Semi-Precious Amethyst Necklace
Shades of Blue Earrings
Shades of Red Earrings
Sheetal Gun Metal Earrings
Sheetal Lavender Earrings
Shell Bell Leaf Earrings
Shell Bell Necklace
Shell Drop Earrings
Shells at the Shore Necklace
Silver Donut Drop Earrings
Simply Speckled Bracelet
Sprinkles off the Eiffel Earrings
Star Ornament - Classic
Star Ornament - Floral
Star Ornament - Peacock
Sunitas Silver Necklace
Sweet Like Candy Necklace
Sweetheart Earrings
Sweetheart Necklace
Sweetheart Set
T'is the Season Greeting Card
Teacup Thank You Greeting Card
Teal Braided Bracelet
Teapot Thank You Greeting Card
Terra Cotta Necklace
Three Bead Chains Necklace
Tiger Lily Earrings
Tri-Coalition Necklace
Trio Earrings - Blue
Trio Earrings - Fuschia
Trio Earrings - Green
Trio Earringsv- Brown
Trojan Bracelet
Turquoise Leather Wrap Bracelet
Ulka Cuff: Teal Bracelet
Vintage Romance Earrings
Vintage Romance Necklace
Vintage Romance Necklace
VIP Gala Ticket
White Wonder Necklace
Wooden Cuff Bracelet
Wooden Ornaments
Wooden Ornaments
Woven India Black Necklace
Woven India Pink Necklace
Yellow Bohemian Earrings
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